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She had left work early and she was driving to see him. He, was a man she knew as a boy twenty years ago when she was in high school. They had reconnected over Facebook a few years back and had chatted on and off about various things. She, with curiosity, always found herself liking his postings and found they’re interests very similar. Until a couple of weeks ago she hadn’t spoken to him in a long time. Out of the blue he had responded to one of her postings with an almost uncanny ability to hear her calling out for a friend. Before long he was playfully flirting with her and she was responding; he made her feel wanted. She focused on the road, she was almost there.

He had mentioned to her a few weeks ago that he was going to be within driving distance of her, on a work trip to Washington, D.C. She had made excuses at first but over the weeks had changed her mind and found a way to leave work early and drive down for the night. She really could have anybody she wanted locally, a guy from a club, someone from the gym; but she wanted him. His intelligent sexy mind had sucked her in. She had shared private photos that few people had seen, he had reciprocated. He spoke of what he wanted to do to her body and make her feel. He had made her throb just from his photos and words on plenty of occasions over the last couple of weeks. She pulled into the hotel parking lot. She looked over herself one last time, her make-up looked good still and her hair was in place the way she wanted in. She wore simple jeans that made her ass look good and some black boots. A simple black tank top with a light sweater was on top; even though it was spring there was still a chill in the night air. She grabbed a small overnight bag she had brought with her, locked the car, and walked into the building to find his room. Her heart was beating hard in her chest as she knocked on the door of the room number he had given her.

The door opened and with a big smile he was there. It had been 20 years but he was still handsome; an older wiser version of the boy she once knew. His hair was cut short, and his youthful dark complected skin did not give away his age. He greeted her warmly and ushered her into the room, taking her bag and placing it near the closet in the room. He hugged her in the way that old friends do, a strong but comforting embrace bringing him close to her. She smiled as she inhaled the light scent of his cologne. He motioned her to the couch, he had two glasses and wine on the table. A nice smooth syrah, one of her favorites she thought as her poured a glass for her and one for himself. He made a simple toast “to old friends, and new beginnings”, smiled and took a sip nodding her head. She knew why she had come, she had one purpose on her mind but wanted to talk and get comfortable first. They chatted lightly about nothing, not wanting to commit to a topic that might distract them. As they chatted and the bottle began to empty she leaned closer to him resting her head on his shoulder as they talked. He gently caressed her leg. The conversation began to lull and they sat on the couch listening to each other breathe, her feeling very safe in his presence. He took her glass and put his and her own on the table. He turned down the bright lamp.

He leaned back and began to kiss her neck and ear softly. She sighed and relaxed and felt herself let go of the past all in one instance. He ran his fingers through her hair touching her neck, she closed her eyes and he kissed her cheek, her chin, her lips softly. She parted her lips and allowed his tongue in, it was a wet slow passionate kiss that stirred her womanly passion like it had not been in quite some time. she felt a tingle run through her whole body, giving her goosebumps, hardening her nipples and sending blood flowing to the area between her thighs. she put her arms around him and pulled him close, kissing him back slow at first then with more vigor. His hand moved from her face to her breast and he began to rub and squeeze it. She had not worn a bra tonight as her tank top gave enough support and his hands felt good through the cotton. She arched her back pushing into his hand and its caresses.

He slipped off her sweater and peeled off her tank top; she was now exposed to him. She sat on the couch, he kneeled on the floor. He began to kiss her neck and chest flicking his tongue out tasting her skin, licking her. His warm hands held her breasts and gently squeezed them. He pinched her nipples gently which brought a moan forth from her mouth. He moved his mouth expertly down to her right breast and took the hard pink nipple into his mouth. He licked and sucked it, the nibbled in gently, squeezing it with his hand at the same time. He swirled his tongue around the nipple and then repeated the process on the other side. She began to squirm a little on the couch, her hips moving almost unconsciously indicating her readiness for him.

He unzipped her boots and then unbuttoned her jeans and slid them over her hips. He pushed down the legs and pulled them off of her ankles. He put them aside and focused back on her as she lay there in her black lace thong. He was in between her knees and placed his hands on her thighs gently massaging them. He began to kiss them going up on leg and down the other, being sure to purposely miss the warm spot in the middle. As he worked his way back up the other leg his fingers began to touch her lacy panties. At first he teased her by putting his warm fingers under the waistband and rubbing her skin softly. He traced the edge of her panties with his fingers along the inner thigh lightly brushing her warm pussy on purpose through the lace as his fingers moved across and traced up the other edge. He placed his warm palm firmly on her soft mound, she wondered if he could feel the wetness beginning to seep out her through the lace.

He slid her panties t

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